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Inês Nunes
Marine biologist
Pedro Oliveira
Nature guide
Kenneth Jonsson
Scuba diving instructor
Pia Hällerstam
Several trips brought us here. We toured the Algarve, found unique environments and learnt the landscapes's history. From the will to share these experiences Zip&Trip was born - a selection of unique activities that invites other travelers to meet the Algarve in a different way, in a family environment, by the rhythm of nature.
Wellness and sustainability
Nowadays we walk through beaches and forests, swim to visit caves and observe the underwater life. Our aim is to organize experiences that promote the well-being of the people who come with us, interfering as little as possible with the surrounding environment.
In 2020 we will continue our search for less known places, where nature is in its wildest state, places where we feel good.
You're welcome to join us,
Inês and Pedro
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