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We know that when you are visiting a new place sometimes it's hard to find non touristic activities. Here is a selection of good alternatives to have a great day. The tours operated by our partners and friends were tested by us. Please click on the titles to get more information.

Operated by us

Cultural walk + food tasting in Ferragudo - 3km | 3h | 35€ (adult) | 15€ (kids)

Our most wanted walking tour to visit and taste the food from the most preserved fishing village in the region!


Beach and cliffs walk - 4.7km | 3h | 35€ (adult) | 15€ (kids)

A great way to visit several beaches and walk in one of the best hiking trails in Europe.



Operated by our partners and friends

Surf or bodyboard experience in Portimão - 2h | 30€-35€ (adults)

A fun experience for everybody. Ideal for begginers who never surfed a wave.


Surf trip to the west coast - full day | 45€-55€ (adults)

The perfect combination to visit Sagres and learn how to surf (good for begginers as well).



Traditional boat trip - 2h | 25€ (adults)

The best boat trip you can have with the most friendly and experienced person in the area.


Dolphin watching - 1h30 | 40€ (adults)

Marine biologists offering a great experience during dolphin watching trips.


Horse riding - 1h | 30€

A great way to visit the countryside and try horseriding with experienced and friendly people.


Star watching

An unforgettable night to explore the sky and learn more about it.

All these activities are subject to weather conditions and availability.Please select 5 of these activities so we can check availability and send you info about schedules and prices. This is a free service that we offer to help you.

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