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Pedro Oliveira | Inês Nunes

Two Marine Biologists and a team of water people


Several trips brought us here. We toured the Algarve, found unique environments and learnt the landscapes's history. From the desire to share these experiences Zip&Trip was born - a selection of unique activities that invites other travelers to meet the Algarve in a different way, in a family environment, by the rhythm of nature.

Marine Biology and Sustainability

As Marine Biologists our main goal is to organize eco-friendly experiences that promote the well-being of the families who come with us, interfering as little as possible with the surrounding ecossystems. We believe that the first step for Nature Conservation is to connect people with the environment.


For most of us the ocean is just a blue layer, but once we are able to see through it our perception changes forever. We will always try to preserve what we love. It's fascinating to create this bridge between the ocean and everyone who wants to explore the Algarve.

You're welcome to join us!

Inês and Pedro

Special thanks

We really want to leave here an individual  thank you note to our friends that worked with us since 2015. Your contribution makes this project even more special!

Kenneth Jonsson - Scuba Diving Instructor and Founder

Pia Hällerstam - Writer and Founder


André Nunes - Graphic designer and marketeer


Fenix Gordon & Leila Watson - Photographers and auxiliar guides
Future EcoSurf - Surf School in Portimão

Thank you all!

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